Mind over Matter: Greening the New Economy

In the new economy, matter matters less. Ideas, creativity and innovation are replacing assets as the key to competitive success. Real environmental gains could flow from this shift. A high-tech, knowledge-based economy could go hand in hand with dematerialisation and resource efficiency. The shift from bricks to clicks could reduce traffic congestion. And the internet offers new ways to empower ethical consumers. But there are dangers, too. Will increased efficiency lead to ever more consumption, as prices fall? Will globalisation help companies evade environmental standards? And will the leading lights of the new economy embrace the environmental ethic? In Mind over Matter, Charles Leadbeater offers a compelling vision of the environmental opportunities of the new economy, and outlines the political and cultural innovation needed to ensure that the new economy is cleaner, greener and more competitive than the old.

Charles Leadbeater, 2000, Published by Green Alliance, 40 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0RE.

Download it here: www.green-alliance.org.uk

Download (PDF, 92KB)

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