The Future Of The Left: In Three Parts

1. 14 Ideas That Could Save Labour – a feature article for the Observer, written at the time of the Labour leadership election in 2015:

With no sign of the rebirth Labour needs, the party should think imaginatively to create unorthodox hybrid ideas that appeal across the political spectrum. Reinventing itself as a kind of political start-up, finding new ways to connect people as a social movement, promoting better quality of life for all and a more human approach to politics could be key. Here are 14 ideas Labour will need to engage with if it is to be successful.


2. Making Sense of the Rise of Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn managed to become seen as a radical innovator whilst not changing for 30 years. Disruptive innovation rarely comes from the mainstream, and Corbyn’s long standing position on the fringes of politics has allowed him to ask the difficult questions about society that mainstream politics cannot. Although he will most probably fail, his rise forces us to consider its wider implications for the world.


3. Five Lessons The Left Should Learn From Brexit – an article for The New Statesman post-Brexit.

Since the Brexit vote, the liberal left has tried to delude itself in various ways – hoping for a reversal on the decision, or attempting to belittle those who voted Leave. But the left cannot bridge the gap between metropolitan, cosmopolitan progressives and working-class voters who believe in solidarity and community, without addressing the deeper issues which lie behind the vote.


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