This is a collection of some of my recent articles, mainly for magazines, newspapers and journals but some of them unpublished drafts.

The common ground between radical and conservative critics of modern capitalism could provide the way forward for politics beyond Trump. The ideas of two German refugees from Nazism could provide […]

We are in the midst of an intensifying search for belonging, one that makes the idea of home as important to politics as the idea of class or rights – […]

Live Like Commons People

The best way to have a new idea is often to recuperate a discarded old one. In London, a home-grown solution is waiting to be rediscovered: the city should create a new generation […]


Why Britain Voted for Brexit An article for the Long and Short magazine. Brexit was more than just a vote on membership of the EU. It was a vote on […]

The Musical Brain

Woody Geist started to show signs of Alzheimers at the age of 67. By the time he was 80, plaques had invaded large areas of his brain. His memory was […]