Below is a selection of some of my books.

My next book, The Frugal Innovator is published by Palgrave Macmillan in late April 2014.

My other books include We Think: mass innovation not mass production, published in 2008, which charted the emergence of the web as a force for collaborative creativity and Living on Thin-Air, published in 1998, which examined the rise of the knowledge driven economy.

Most of my books can be purchased in some form from Amazon.

The Frugal Innovator

The argument of the Frugal Innovator is that we need a different approach to innovation, one which addresses big social challenges rather than proliferating new versions of existing products. That […]

Up The Down Escalator

Up the Down Escalator  argues that pessimism and optimism will form the main fault lines of politics in the early-21st-century.  On left and right pessimists bemoan the collapse of traditional […]

We Think

We Think explains how digital technologies are enabling new forms of collaborative creativity and innovation. We Think was published in March 2008 after a long period of development which included […]

In Search of Work was published in 1987, based on an extensive, international research project for the Financial Times into the future of work. Based on interviews and case studies […]