This is where you will find short descriptions of and links to the many think tank reports and pamphlets I have written since 1996 when Demos published The Self Policing Society and The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur. This section includes reports on the future of banking, education and cities. My most recent report The London Recipe on the future of London can be downloaded here.

Being Well in the 21st Century Have you ever wanted to do some art rather than run on a treadmill, or discuss a book not just press weights? This paper […]

ALT Now: Making Money and Meaning ALT/Now was an ambitious effort run with the Banff Centre in Alberta to redesign the Canadian economy from the bottom to make it more […]

The Problem Solvers

Following instructions has been at the core, and has driven the success of, mass education. Yet in a more volatile, uncertain world, characterised by innovation and entrepreneurship, we now need to […]

Cities that were once suffering from stagnation and decline are being revived by civic innovators – people who work collaboratively to create new places and experiences that strengthen their environment. […]

People in London earning modest incomes are caught in a vicious trap. Their earnings are kept flat by a fiercely competitive labour market, while living costs – particularly housing, transport […]

Some of the best recipes in the world are made of two simple ingredients: bacon and eggs, fish and ships, tomato and basil, gin and tonic.  It’s not so different with […]

This report reveals, in very practical terms, how the deeply troubled UK financial sector could be transformed by learning from the commercial insurgents banging on the gates of the banking […]