Cloud Culture

Cloud Culture published in the Spring of 2010 by Counterpoint, the British Council think tank, explores how the rise of cloud computing could change our culture and asks whether it could provide the platform for a new, more cosmopolitan global culture which is both connected but diverse. It charts the rise and power of cloud capitalists, the likes of Facebook and Apple and concludes with a manifesto for the open cloud. Available here.

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  1. Cloud-Community holarchy might fit. It has to grow and push Trust via history and reputation in “my cloud community” as well as defend against D-swindling (extreme example is sociopathic organizations, and we are seeing more and more of this).

    Consider .edu or .mil for example, One has certain expectations in terms of keeping these assets safe from harm. There is a hierarchy, of course, but until folks pick up on Maslow’s “Theory Z” in terms of who gets promoted, we will be forever blocked.


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