February 2014

The biggest challenges we face involve more than innovation in products and services. They involve changing entire systems of production, consumption, behaviour and regulation. This disucssion paper sets out some […]

The biggest challenge facing public service innovation is not the creation and development of new ideas. Actually the public sector is rich in new ideas and practices, especially at the […]

The argument of this pamphlet is that we should jettison the assumption that humans are selfish, first and foremost. Instead, we should start from the assumption that most of the […]

The Frugal Innovator

The argument of the Frugal Innovator is that we need a different approach to innovation, one which addresses big social challenges rather than proliferating new versions of existing products. That […]

Up The Down Escalator

Up the Down Escalator¬† argues that pessimism and optimism will form the main fault lines of politics in the early-21st-century.¬† On left and right pessimists bemoan the collapse of traditional […]